Herd Sires:

Semen for Sale: $100/unit - Non certificate


Matthew D. Kitchell 701-799-7690

TH 400U 32X Trump 206Z

Trump as a Yearling

TH 605F 45P Primrose 400U ET

Trumps Mother

Grandmother 605F

CRR 668Z Commitment 654

Reg # P43693891 DLF, HYF, IEF

Homo Polled

Semen Avaiable through Streamline Genetics

Owned with: Crum Cattle Company - Rushville, ILL


Ms Dakakitch MDK 138A Diary 27F
Sold to Walter Jones
Ms DaKitch MDK 28W MackLiz 52F
Sold to Huso & Sons
Ms DaKitch MDK 138A Diary 27F
Ms DaKitch MDk 72C Covergirl 36F
Ms DaKitch MDK28W Mack Liz 53F
Ms DaKitch 57C Ruby 75F
Ms DaKitch MDK39B Mack Liz 34F
DaKitch MEK 110Y Manifest
DaKitch MDK 29C Commit 82F
Daughter - From Friesz Livestock
Daughter - From Crum Cattle Company
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CRR 322 Catapult 697

Reg # P43693924 DLF, HYF, IEF

Homo Polled


697 was added to our herd bull line up in 2017. Sired by the popular Catapult 322 this homo polled son has us really excited. We used him heavily on our heifers. Watch for his calves in the future! 


Dakitch Rip
Dakitch MDK W12 Cat 697 174G
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DPH 6129 Take Off 502 ET

Reg # P43628189 DLF, HYF, IEF

LH DPH BF Launch 1310

Full Sib to Take Off


Full Sister

Worrell Enterprise, TX

Full Sister

Champion Heifer 2018 Jr. Nationals

Take Off was our Selection for the 2016 Mile High Sale. His full sister has been named the 2016 & 2017 NWSS Division Champion, 2016 American Royal Champion Female: Open and Junior Show, 2016 Junior National Division Champion. HIs full brother was also the 2016 NWSS Senior Division Champion for Perks Ranch, ILL

DaKitch MEK 121D Takeoff 55G
Ms DaKitch MDK 119C Pearl 113E
MS DaKitch 99Y Polly 159E
Ms DaKitch MDK156B Felina 127E
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EXR Crossroads 466 ET

Reg # P43459590 DLF, HYF, IEF


Crossroads has become a leading herd sire for us - his calves are the highlight of the calf crop. He adds length and extra testicle development.


His pedigree has many leading females in it: 90W, 618 and 73S. His mother is a powerful donor at Express Ranch in OK.

Crossorads ratios WW 106.4 on hos first calf crop

Owned with Express Ranches, OK

90W  grandmother

618 great-grand mother


Ms DaKitch MDK Darci's Lady 3E
Ms DaKitch 100W Polly 164E
Ms Dakitch 111Y Trish Polly 8D
Ms Dakitch 19B Eclipse 102E
DaKitch MDK 99A Discharge 19D
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CRR 612 Manifest 885

Reg # P4349438 DLF, HYF, IEF

New in 2019! 

WORR Ribeye 79C4 ET

Reg # P43610936 DLF, HYF, IEF

79C4 is out of the very popular Rose Marie cow, who is a full sister to the National Champion Tankeray. 79C4 is a natural used herd sire that we use on heifers. 


Owned with: 

Kuelbs Cattle Company, & Diamond R Polled Herefords, ND


DaKitch MDK Caretaker 51B

Reg # P43476433 DLF, HYF, IEF


Caretaker was the lead bull of the 2014 supreme pen at NSC along with 2015 NWSS lead pen bull. 51B is as amazing as his picture. Red to the ground, long bodied and super deep.


Owned with: Olson Hereford Ranch, ND

HPH Cruiser 1211C

Reg # P43630466 DLF, HYF, IEF

Cruiser is by the very popular Full Throttle, which has produced many champions. Cruiser is well marked, huge hipped, and as balanced as they come. His dam ratios WW 105 and YW 100. Progeny coming spring 2017.

Semen for sale

Owned with Hanson Polled Herefords, SD


Cruiser's Granddam

 Cruiser Pictured at 24 mo.

Ms DaKitch MDK HoneyBee 61F
Ms DaKitch 19B Polly 151F
Ms Dakitch 92B Polly 68E
Ms DaKitch 18U Nicky 190E
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TH 12L 63N Tundra 62T

Reg # P42780217 DLF, HYF, IEF


62T has become a breeding legend for us. he is the highest performinf 63N son to this day. His progeny ratio at WW 104 and YW 106. Trait leader in CED, WW, YW, MG, CEM, REA, CHB. The Tundra 62T daughters in production are truly amazing - level udders and perfect teats rationing 102 in production.

In 2014, Tundra 62T daughters were selected Champion Pen in Denver.

Tundra 62T is leaving a legendary mark on our herd.


Champion Heifer Pen

Ms Dakitch MDK Bella 11A

Ms DaKitch MDK Pearl 4A

Ms Dakitch MDK Honey Bee 8A

Ms DaKitch MDK Bella 11A
Ms DaKitch 107Y Emm 55A
Ms DaKitch MDk Honey Bee 8A
Ms DaKitch MDk Pearl 4A
Ms DaKitch MDK Mack Liz 7A
Ms DaKitch 37S Polly 45X
DaKitch 110R Tundra 118Y
DaKitch 92S Tundra 148Y
DaKitch 84P Tundra 89Z
DaKitch 19T Tundra 84Y
DaKitch 96U Tundra 51X
DaKitch MDK Troubadour 34Z
DaKitch MDK Amorillo 51Z
62T Heifer at Stenberg Herefords, SD
SQCF Utmost 325
Son at Stenberg Herefords, SD
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TH 400U 32X Trump 206Z

Reg # P43269879 DLF, HYF, IEF


Trump is second to non for phenotype. He has a huge sweep to hos middle, supper stout, and very shard fronted. His dam in one of the best uddered females we have seen. Take note of all the tremendous females in his pedigree.

His females in production are unreal udders.


Ms Dakitch MDK Felina 175E
Ms DaKitch MEK Bonita 177E
Sold to Kaleb Neshem, ND
Ms DaKitch MDK Mack Liz 108D
Sold to White Willow Herefords
Morris, Illinois
Ms DaKitch MDK Tess 93C
Ms DaKitch Honeycomb 19C
Ms DaKitch MDK Diary 95C
Sold to Drew Graham, IA
Ms DaKitch 24X Renae 124C
Ms DaKitch Ruby 57C
Ms DaKitch MDK Crysral 129C ET
Ms DaKitch MDK Classy Miss 29C ET
Ms DaKitch MDK Cinderella 127C ET
Ms DaKitch MDK Casanova 99C ET
Ms DaKitch Ruby 64B
Sold to Crum Cattle Company, ILL, Adcock Show Cattle, ILL
Ms DaKitch Baby Trump 19B
DaKitch MDK 4X Code Red 92C
DaKitch MDK Cloud Nine 18C ET
DaKitch MDK Closing Time 109C ET
DaKitch MDK Clockwork 134C ET
DaKitch MDK Celebrity 27C
Sold to 4J Cattle Company - Glenburn, ND
DaKitch MDK Cooliewater 105C ET
Owned with Sip Stock Farm - Ada, MN
DaKitch 127W Hwy 200 115B
Owned with Fawcetts Elm Creek Ranch, SD
Dakitch 111Y King Trump 131B
Trump Son
Raised by: Sip Stock Farm - Ada, MN
DaKitch MDK Carbon Copy 172C
DaKitch MDK Charlie Brown 8C
2016 NWSS Pen Bulls
Second in class
2016 NWSS Febuary Heifer Pen
Second in Class
2016 NWSS March Heifer Pen
Second in Class
Sip Stock Farm
Champion Hereford Pen/ Reserve Supreme
2016 NSC Valley City, ND
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