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Angus Herd Sires

9A is our exciting new herd sire to add in 2014 . Right Answer 9A owns a higher degree of style, as he is erect through his front end and is clean down his front end and through his chest floor. He holds his head high on the move and stands on extra substance of bone. A really neat combination of calving ease, style, excellent EPD's and muscle all adds up to and excellent herd bull.

Thunder Creek Right Answer 9A

Birthdate 3-16-13   

BW 96 Adj WW 742 
BW 0.9 WW 65 YW 109 M 32 CE+9.0

Sitz Traveler 8180
SAV Final Answer 0035
SAV Emulous 8145
S: Connealy Right Answer 746
Hyline Right Time 338
Happy Dell of Conanga 262
Happy Daze of Conanga 6260
GAR Grid Maker
SAV Bismarck 5682
SAV Abigale 0451
D: Thunder Creek Countess 21Y
SAV Final Answer 0035
Thunder Creek Countess 21W
Thunder Creek countess 57T

Connealy Right Answer 746

Sire of 9A

Dominator combines some of the best cow families from TC Ranch: 

the Peg, Pride and Ruby cow families. A maternal sister to Dominator 

was 2006 ISF Res. Champion Female. Another Maternal sister was 

Res. Calf Champion ISF. His dam, 4077, was champion cow/calf pair 

at 2006 ISF & Champion at North Central Regional in SD.  Dominator daughters in prodution have amazing udders & teat size. 

Super long bodied type of cattle.

TB Dominator 818

Reg# 16028407
BW 76 lb Ratio 101 - WW 889 lbs Ratio 119  SC 43 

Connealy Forefront
TC Freedom 104
TC Ruby 9095
S: TC Freedom 526
TC Dividend 963
TC Pride 8067
TC Pride 6093
N Bar Emulation EXT
Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C
Leachman B C 7100
D: TC Peg 4077
Leachman Prompter
TC Peg 9100
TC Peg 6108

TC Peg 4077 

Mother to Domimator

The Ironclad calves that have arrived are just like we hoped for: 

long spined, big hipped and bone to burn just like their daddy. 

Ironclad is super deep sided with great hair, from possibly the most consistent cow familes at Bar-E-L in Canada.

Bar-E-L Ironclad 177Y

BW 88 lbs - WW 750 Ratio 111 - YW 1366 Ratio 111

Sandy Bar Advantage 43M
HF Kodiak 5R
Wilbar Ruby 955N
S: HF Iron Man 167W
HF Progress 20K
HF Rosebud 94P
HF Rosebud 198M
Crescent Creek Revival 06J
Crescent Creek 06 Rito 50L
Crescent Creek Lassie 33H
D: Bar-E-L Duchess 86T
Plainview Saugahatchee 31X
Bar-E-L Duchess 119M
Bar-E-L Magnolia 143K

HF Iron man 167W 

Sire of Ironclad

Bar-E-L Magnolia 143K   

Great-Grandmother to Ironclad

Ms Dakitch MDK Xena 81B
Ms Dakitch 9Z Blackcap 14B
Ms Dakitch 57T Barbie 6B
WK Smooth 2382

BW 76 - WW 758 -  YW 1,529

S A F Connection
SydGen C C & 7
SydGen Forever Lady 4087
S: SydGen DOC 9017
TC Advantage
SydGen Montana Dream 2263
O C C Montana Dream 003
S A F Focus of E R
Mytty In Focus
Mytty Countess 906
D: Thoene in Focus 763
Bon View New Design 878
Thoene New Design 878-318
Thoene Trail Boss 8147

Sydgen Doc

Sire of Smooth

Ms Dakitch 59U Meg 56B

Iron Man 0129 has done an amazing job -- injecting length, low birth 

weights and sheer performance into his offspring.  0129 is a 

maternal brother to Yellowstone 6344, the Canadian Western 

Agribition Supreme Champion.

Sooline Iron Man 0129

BW 94 - WW 830 Ratio 117 - YW 1429 Ratio 100

G A R Gridmaker
TC Gridiron 258
TC Blackbird 7049
S: S A V Iron Man 8195
S A V 8180 Traveler 004
S A V Bessie Heiress 4149
S A V Bessie Heiriss 1184
Leachman Right Time
BT Right Time 24J
Sitz Everelda Entense 1905
D: Angus Glen Favorite 9N
Rito 9FB3 of 5H11 Fullback
Angus Glen Favorite 6G
Angus Glen Favorite 7X

Angus Glen Favorite 9N     

Iron Man 129X  Mother

Ms Dakitch Queen Eva 22Z

Pictured as a 2-year old

Pictured as a yearling

Dakitch MDK 15W Prowler 3Z

BW 77 - WW 930 ADJ WW 891 - YW 1490

Sandy Bar Advantate 43M
HF Kodiak 5R
Wilbar Ruby 955N
S: HF Prowler 43U
Riverbend Powerline 0050
HF Rosebud 98P
HF Rosebud 138J
O C C Emblazon 854E
B C Matrix 4132
CAF Pure Pride Ext 99
D: Ms Dakitch Blackcap 15W
QLC LaGrand Forum
Ms Dakitch Blackcap 15T
Ms Dakitch Blackcap 12L

Ms Dakitch Blackcap 15W 

Mother to 3Z

Ms Dakitch Blackcap 15T  

Grandmother to 3Z

Ms Dakitch Blackcap 12L

Great Grandmother to 3Z