DaKitch Farms

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Welcome to DaKitch Angus and Hereford Farms!

"Our Brand Is Your Success" 


New family member born on October 8th. Dawson Matthew Kitchell.

DaKitch Farms was established in 1959 by me, David Kitchell. To this day it continues to operate as a diversified family farming operation which raises quality Angus & Polled Hereford seed stock, alongside an established small grains operation. We are located in North West Minnesota in the heart of the Red River Valley. The farm consists of my wife Lorie and I, as well as our three sons, Matthew, Michael and Mason. Our sons are the 2nd generation Angus & Polled Hereford Breeders and are 4th generation small grains farmers.


Currently, our small grains operation consists of corn, soybeans and spring wheat . The livestock enterprise consists of 100 Polled Hereford brood cows and 100 Black Angus brood cows. In our breeding program we firmly believe in raising quality cattle that possess balanced udders, pigmentation and comfortable disposition. We are constantly striving to produce cattle which will grow and develop with a high efficiency rate of gain while maintaining key structure and finish. 


Our farm has been utilizing artificial insemination since 1973. Through the use of this program we have been able to produce quality cattle through an ever changing beef industry.


I appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and personally invite you to come to the farm to view our breeding program.


David H. Kitchell & Matthew D. Kitchell